Hair and hair loss

The structure of the hair and the different hair cycles

The structure of the hair


  • An average of 120.000 hairs on our head
  • Normal daily hair loss can be up to 100 hairs
  • The average hair growth is 1 cm/month or 12 cm/year
  • 90% of the men and 60% of the women suffer from hair loss in their lives


  • The hair follicle is embedded in the dermis (0,12 to 3 mm deep)
  • Every hair follicle has a sebaceous gland (Pilosebaceous follicle)
  • 95% of the hair is made up by keratin. Keratin is a protein with a high percentage of sulphur-rich amino-acids (methionine, cysteine)
  • Every hair is composed of two parts:

– a subcutaneous, invisible part (the root

– a visible part (the shaft)

The hair cycle:

There are three phases: the ANAGEN phase, the CATAGEN phase and the TELOGEN phase.

One human life counts 25 full cycles.