Bionnex Dermo Organic

Bionnex Laboratories was founded with inspiration from Sweden’s endemic plants. Combining this inspiration with the power of science, Bionnex began to produce natural, effective and lasting solutions for skin imbalances.

Bionnex products are dermatologically tested and created with hypoallergenic formulas. Bionnex products, which assist in dermatological treatments, are recommended by doctors and pharmacists.




In addition to this, Bionnex has adopted the vision of being a leading brand in its field with its scientific studies and continues to carry out innovative studies in the field of dermatology and to produce new values in this field. In addition to closely monitoring clinical trials, Bionnex teams work to further advance Bionnex products by collaborating with the world’s leading laboratories and doctors.

Founded with the inspiration from nature, Bionnex respects our friends in nature and their right to life. Therefore, Bionnex Laboratories products are NOT TESTED on ANIMALS.


Dermo Organic
solutions for hair and skin problems.


Clinically Tested
by Farcoderm independent
laboratories in Switzerland.


Swedish Origin
organic sources to respect for