Bionnex Pakistan Dermo Organic Laboratories

Our story starts with inspiration from the nature and plants within Anatolian lands that we lived for years.

The plant flora in the Anatolian territories has been miraculous and has been a therapeutical of treatments for humanity for centuries. Bionnex Dermo Organic Laboratories, which has willing to use the therapeutic and healing effects of over 3500 endemic plants unique to Anatolia,was born in 2010 as a brand that combines this inspiration with the expertise of technology and science to offer safe and natural ingredients for hair and skin problems.

The main philosophy of Bionnex Dermo Organic Laboratories with our research and development studies is to develop herbal solutions in the specialty of science understanding the problems of hair and skin problems. Working in collaboration with research and development team and international laboratories with high-level competence, Bionnex continues to grow by constantly improving its existing products while creating new products through its work.